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From The Desk of: Deepo - Professional Internet Marketer
Re:  Attention grabbing graphics and header images
Dear Internet Marketing Enthusiast,
According to internet marketing research…
The very first thing a person will look at and notice on a web site are the images.   

The header, also know as a banner, is the very first image a person will see on a web site because, it’s always placed at the top of a site’s page.   

A professionally designed header can increase the sales conversion ratio of a web site by as much as 300%.

Headers make a web site look much more professional and trustworthy.   
A high-quality header image can give you a winning edge over your competition.

300 Professional Header Templates Package is a “rescue package" for Internet marketers who offer high-quality info products or Internet  services. It's for anyone looking for that high-end quality look without hiring high-priced experts or sweating it out in Adobe Photoshop® on their own.

300 of the most eye-popping MiniSite header templates.
No filler. No boring, ho-hum “art.” Just high-impact, eye-catching graphics you can put to use instantly. In fact, these header templates are of such high quality,the only “difficulty” you’ll have is in choosing which one to use! Many of the header templates come with matching pre-made footer or bottom templates.

Finally, a professional solution for Website Headers.
These header templates can be quickly customized to perfectly fit your own products or services. Simply select the header that best fits your niche and modify the text as you wish.......That's all you need do!

Professional Header Template Package :
Eliminate the high cost of hiring a professional header designer. No more $50 to $100 payments for a header design.
Catch your web site visitor's attention immediately, making a positive "first contact and impression".
Help boost the sales conversion ratio of your website by as much as 300%! More attractive websites bring in more sales.
Instantly make your website look completely professional, giving it and your product and or service a high-quality appearance.
Your products and Website will look professional—not amateurish. Represent yourself as the authority of your products.
Make prospects feel more secure—so they’ll become your customers and you'll feel more confident about the appearance of your Website or service.
Give your web site the winning advantage over your competition over and over and over again.
Why be "graphically challenged"? Simply use pre-designed templates. Get inspired to create more products—to create more cash flow.


Click on the sample buttons below to see all header templates included in the package that can be customized. You can mix and match any images or design templates to create your own unique header and matching footer.

  Note:   Header samples shown here are smaller than actual sizes of headers in the package. Width size of actual headers is 750 pixels while height size is variable. Many of the headers come with matching footer or bottom images
in the same length as the header images.

Click the sample buttons below to see all 300 header templates included in this Huge package.

You can be customize any of the templates. You can mix and match any images or design templates to create your own unique header and matching footer.

Note: Many of the headers come with matching
footer or bottom
images in the same length as the headers.

You can change and mix all of the headers and footers.
Above are just samples of the headers, you can use them all to create your own header or footer.

Deconstruct Templates in Photoshop and Create Other Matching Graphics for Your Websites. You can drag header graphics into other images or templates for creating eBook covers, Website footers, fancy buttons, and more. Professional Header Templates is a complete graphics package for all your graphical needs.


With The Professional Header Template Package You Can :
Create Hundreds of money-making mini sites quickly and easily using all of the tools in this huge package.
Swap photos with the other headers in the package to create your own unique header(s) for your website(s)
Use the photos from the header templates on your website, sales page, video, and even your ebook cover.
Start your own header/banner template business quickly and easily using the templates and photos, charge $20 - 60$ or more for your design.
Use the templates to create or redesign your own websites. Design your own Headers by using all of the images and templates included.
Create your own unique header package with the photos from the header templates, sell it and keep 100% of the profits !
Now also Includes a Video Tutorial on how to edit and change the templates to customize the Template however you choose.
Plus anything else you can think of - the possibilities are endless!

 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: What type of files are contained in the header template package?
A: The Professional Header Template Package contains: 300 Adobe Photoshop files (.PSD) and 300 no-text .JPEG files.
Q: Are the header templates in the package only for use in Adobe Photoshop?
A: No, the header templates can be used in other software that recognize .PSD files. The .JPEG files can be edited in any graphics editing software that recognize this type of file.
Q: Is it difficult to edit the header template in Adobe Photoshop?
A: No, it's actually very simple. The header templates already have text on them and all you have to do is replace that text with your own. Just place the text tool on the text layer you want to edit, erase the text and then add your own text. We are also going to provide you with a video tutorial on how to easily edit and change the headers and footers.
Q: I'm only interested in the no-text .JPEG files. What software do you recommend I use to edit them?
A: As there are literally hundreds of graphic editors that recognize .JPEG files, I cannot say which one may be right for you and your needs. All of them have their strong and weak points. But what I can do is give you a list of graphic editors that you can get absolutely 100% for free which will help you easily edit your no-text .JPEG files. You receive this list upon purchase of the header package.
Q: Can I sell the header templates or the photos on the header templates individually or in a group from the 300 Professional Header Templates package?
A: Please read the License for this package below:

The Professional Header Template Package License

[YES] You may use any of the images included in the 300 Professional Header Template package on your own personal sales pages, websites, and ebooks or to create sales pages, websites, headers/banners, ebooks, you intend to sell.

[YES] You may sell the images/photos on the header templates individually or as a group. And what you can do and are encouraged to do is, use them to create other headers, header templates, website templates, ebook covers, software boxes, etc. which you are free to sell.

[YES] You may have resell rights to this package as long as you create your own sales page images for it and host your own images on your own server.

[YES] You may sell Private Label Rights to this package as long as you create your own sales page header, footer, ecover and background sales images. With this same package you will have all the templates and images you need to accomplish this task. If you need ecover templates and action scripts - click here.

Q: If I have doubts or more questions about this package, where can I get them cleared up?

A: If you have doubts about the 300 Professional Header Templates Package, please contact us at:


  The Professional Header Template Package you get...



300 header templates created for the pro in mind
(Valued at... $97!)


300 fully text prepared and easy to edit .PSD files


300 no-text .JPEG files you can quickly and easily add text to in a matter of minutes


Over 300 high-quality business photos on the headers.
(Valued at... $300!)


3 BONUSES Valued At... $97


$47 Value
Our video tutorials using your adobe photoshop will teach you how to edit the templates to create your own signature header and footer graphics:

* Edit text on header templates quickly and easily in Adobe Photoshop or other graphics software that recognizes .PSD files.
* Edit text on blank header templates - JPEG files - in a matter of minutes.
* Create a beautiful new header using the resources from the 250 Professional Biz Header Templates package.
* Work with Squeeze Page templates and prepare them for your website.

Here's Exactly What Is Included In Your Package...
20+ Complete Mini-Site Templates
These templates come with a header, footer, order button, Opt-in form and testimonial box. Exclusive templates available only in this package. PSD files included. The templates come with rounded corners making them look more professional and appealing.

20+ Mini-Site Headers
Covering many niche markets, you can easily modify these headers to suit your needs. Beautiful color schemes, legitimate licenses of included images, and designed to showcase your product in the best possible way.

Graphic Bonuses: From salespage graphics to mini-graphic clips that you can use on your websites and blogs, the graphic bonuses are a must-have for any seasoned Internet Marketer.


More Photos with
  Master Resell Rights
$27 Value
Professional business photos with Resell Rights.
Just a few of the many benefits of the photos:

* Gives you the ability to create professional-looking website and header templates quickly, which you can sell and keep a100% of the profit.
* Saves you hundreds of dollars in photo fees for each and every graphic design you produce!
* Gives your website a high-quality, professional look to it, increasing sales for you!
* Easy to sell and can be sold over and over again for years to come!

To see all images in package.
(Opens in new window)

Total Value of All Bonuses... $97


Comments from some top online entrepreneurs:
Speaking of testimonials, have to add my 2 cents here. For anyone considering this offer, let me tell you - there is absolutely NO WAY you can go wrong!

Even if you have absolutely NO experience with graphics, you shouldn't have any trouble using Deepo's incredible PHT creation. Fortunately I got in on this almost a month ago, and in that time I have used this package at least 15 times!

There is no doubt that the price can easily be raised at any time, so if you haven't got in on this one yet - just do it! You don't have to be a graphics person to get a huge benefit from this offer. It truly is top notch!

Thanks again Deepo, I'm using PHT all the time!

The Rich Boy

Your header graphics and professional pictures are incredible. First they help us get ideas for my graphics. Then I just run through all of your material I have and quickly find just the image I need. And your special sales, what can I say? Anyone would be a fool to ignore them. I always find images that I can use at prices I can afford. I can truly say that PHT is one of my three secret sources for creating great looking graphics.

Bob Chambers, The Multimedia Guy

Anyone that hasn't jumped on this, this deal is AWESOME! I don't know how long it will be before Deepo gets his sanity back and closes this, but it just keeps getting better. If you want a whole library of editable (Photoshop .psd) source files for creating your own headers and stimulating your imagination, this can't be beat!

Thanks again, Deepo,

Tom Fosson


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One more thing to remember...

According to internet marketing research… It only takes a few seconds to make a lasting first impression on a visitor to a your site.

With the The Professional Header Template Package you can be assured that, the headers in this package will make a "positive" lasting first impression on your website visitor because we have created them to do just that.

P.S. As you get a very high-quality, professionally designed header template package from the number one designer of header templates for such a low price, (the actual value of the header templates in this package is valued at $67), feel free to edit, redesign, change or add your own images to make your own unique header and matching footer.

P.P.S. As this header template package is severely underpriced, we will be raising the price soon.

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